What Is Pyromancy?

by Craig Shrives
Pyromancy is divination by means of fire or flame. It is believed that pyromancy is one of the earliest forms of divination. It is not just about looking at the characteristics of the flames. Any divination that involves fire, such as examining smoke or looking at the remnants of a fire, is classed as pyromancy.

Some types of pyromancy:
  • Alomancy. Studying salt. (It is a type of pyromancy when the salt is cast onto a fire.)

  • Botanomancy. Studying the burning of plants

  • Capnomancy. Studying smoke (e.g., its ascent, shape, colour, taste, toxic effect).

  • Causinomancy. Studying the burning of non-specific objects.

  • Daphnomancy. Studying the burning of laurel leaves.

  • Osteomancy. Studying the burning of bones.

  • Scapulimancy. Studying the burning of scapulae (or shoulder blades) and examining the cracks.

  • Sideromancy. Studying the burning of straw.

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