What Is Anthroposcopy?

by Craig Shrives
When you see a photo-fit of a murderer, do you ever think, "he looks an evil sod"? Have you ever thought, "she looks a right cow"? Have you ever known that you wouldn't like someone before you'd even spoken to them? Most people would answer yes, yes and yes to those questions. Well, that's anthroposcopy: the art judging someone's character by how they look.

Anthroposcopy is a form of anthropology (scientific and social study of humanity) based upon visual observation of the physical characteristics of the human body.

Is anthroposcopy mumbo jumbo or is it an authentic form of divination (i.e., prediction)?

Here at HTGYOW, we're fence sitters on this one. Our panel thinks it depends what you're judging.

For example, can you tell someone has little determination if they've got a double chin? Can you tell if someone is a happy person from creases caused by smiling? Probably and probably. But, can you tell someone is evil because of their pointy nose or shifty eyes. Probably not.

Mumbo-jumbo-meter: 5/10.
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