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About the author of "How To Get Your Own Way"

Craig Shrives is the founder of He is the co-author of "How To Get Your Own Way" (a book on Critical Thinking and business influence), from which much of the content for the site is drawn. Craig is also the author of Smashing Grammar and the bestselling Grammar Rules (later re-titled Grammar for Grown-Ups).

Craig also runs the following sites:

Critical Thinking Test

Are you good at spotting the biases, fallacies, and other cognitive effects? Can you spot when statistics have been manipulated? Can you read body language? Well, let's see!
gold cup

gold cup

gold cup

  • This test has questions.
  • A correct answer is worth 5 points.
  • You can get up to 5 bonus points for a speedy answer.
  • Some questions demand more than one answer. You must get every part right.
  • Beware! Wrong answers score 0 points.
  • 🏆 If you beat one of the top 3 scores, you will be invited to apply for the Hall of Fame.
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